Voice Over Mixed Examples

Commercial Examples

Voice Over sampler with 3 examples of a standard American accent.

Animation Example

Voice Over sampler with a short script for animation.

Instruction Example

This is a short sample of phone instructions.

Educational Example

This is a short intro. to a longer educational program.

Narrative Example

This is a short excerpt from a longer narrative piece on Eva Peron.

Children’s Songs

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Singing Examples

Sampler of Musical Theatre songs

This has short excerpts from some of the shows.

Sampler of Mixed Songs

This has short excerpts from newly composed pieces which are mixed with well known pieces, but in a wide range of styles.

Sampler of Operatic pieces.

This has short excerpts from some of the operas.


While producing some radio shows.

Radio was an adventure for Debbie, which started with a call from Radio Reverb (97.2 FM), a community-based Radio station in Brighton, who were looking for new and interesting programs to help launch their radio station onto FM and on the internet. Debbie submitted “The New Classics” , a show devoted to current UK writers of contemporary classical music. This show is no longer running, but there are plans to create a new radio show for another community-based radio station, based around Debbie’s Talks about American Composers, so watch this space to see some samples in the near future.

Below are some interviews from previous shows:

Excerpts from “The New Classics” Radio Show

Pete Wyer – Brighton Based Film/TV/Theatre/Opera composer

Steve Dummer from Talkestra

Claudio Molitor and Patrick Harrex from the Soundwaves Festival

Wanting to do something more community based, Debbie also created “Debbie’s Mixed Bag – Fine Arts and Fine People of Brighton and Hove.”  Aired once a week on Sean Creed’s show, bRighToN pHlUx, these are 10 minutes slots where Debbie interviewed various artists, charities and not for profit businesses about their work in and around the community.

Below are some interviews from previous shows:

Interview with Alix Dryden, artist.

With Laura Escott, Chairperson for Survivors Network, a registered charity to meet the needs of women who are sexually abused and are now facing the long-term consequences.

If you wish to see video’s of Debbie’s Acting, click here.

If you wish to see and hear more of Debbie’s singing, click here.