My 1st ever camel ride in India

Yes, I did it!

I thought it was something I could never do, but I did it!

I took a whole year off to have my dream trip around the world and see the Taj Mahal. This is something I have wanted to do for most of my life. Not just a gap year, but a year where I could travel – comfortably. I’m here to say, that anyone who is afraid of going away for a year and being forgotten in your industry – well, that’s just your brain talking poppycock!

It was wonderful and I’ve come back with new ideas on how to work in the industry differently and in ways that I hope will work better for me and my customers/clients.

Creative Juices…

Being the Creative I am, turning off that creative button was something I knew wouldn’t be possible.

I know, when I went for an extended trip to New Zealand, I tried to do ‘no work’, but, of course, what happened? I wrote my 1st 3 songs ever! 3 children songs about my encounters in New Zealand.

Check out 1 of the videos below or go to my youtube page!

What I did this time…

On this trip, I was more prepared – I decided to write a weekly blog of letters to various friends about my travels. That led from there to monthly video blogs of what we saw, monthly singing videos (me singing in all sorts of various tourist spots), and a review blog on the books ‘I carried with me’. It sounds like a lot, but I did enjoy my time and have some amazing experiences.

It’s been an incredible year and I’m grateful I did it and for all those people along the way that helped to make it all happen!

What happened as a result…

Of course, I created another website that tells you all about my adventures, it’s called Bridge the Travel Gap. There you can watch the videos and read, not just my blogs, but my husband’s as well. Plus, we keep adding to it as and when we get a chance with any other travels we get to!

How has this helped my career?

I learned a lot about how the biggest limits that are out there are only put on by myself. My dream in voice over is to do a Disney voicing in an animation film! Here we go…just watch this space peeps!

Tell me what your next adventure is, love to hear from you.

Just comment below!

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