“Debbie is talented, professional and a pleasure to work with. She’s quick to adapt to any directional changes, clinical with her acting, and she’s always top of my list when casting for projects.” – James Vyner London Language Experience

‘Debbie brings a deathly dull boring script to life.’ – Nigel Hughes – Leo Learning

“I first met Debbie “virtually” on a Voiceover webinar. And as is typical, she took the initiative to reach out and connect with me.  She suggested setting up a Voiceover Hub for the Brighton and Sussex area which has proved helpful for regional Voiceovers/Audio producers to meet and network.  Debbie is such a positive person who radiates happiness, and has a clear love and joy for her work.” – Dominica Warburton – co-founder of Voice Over Brighton & Sussex


While producing some radio shows.

“Many thanks for all the hard work you are putting in. There can’t be many stations, if any, in the UK, besides Radio 3 and Classic FM, broadcasting new classical music in the UK. You could be the first. This is a market that is being ignored but which exists! I read in the latest number of BBC’s Music Magazine that downloads of classical music on Apple I Pods amounts to 12% of the total.” – Sydney Vale (New Music Brighton – member) 

“I caught you on the radio earlier this week… You did really well, very friendly, and accessible.  Loved the range of genres you played.” – Kay Walton (Kaleidoscope Workshops)

“Debbie was a great co-presenter on “Brighton Phlux 97.2 FM” with a lively personality and a thorough understanding of what the show was delivering. Debbie is articulate, amusing and extremely knowledgeable in her specialist subject.” – Sean Creed – Radio Producer/Announcer at Radio Reverb